Greatness is only a product of hard work and practice

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

Here is a great article that I read today. It’s not written from an Islamic perspective, but there are several Islamic values present in it. I personally used to believe that some people were just born with natural talents that led them to levels of greatness that most of us would never be able to achieve. I’ve learned to completely disregard that opinion. I see the ultimate example of human greatness in the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and it is such a blessing that Allah (swt) gave us by making our beloved Prophet a man just like us. Obviously the heights which Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Sahaba (ra) reached in terms of human greatness will never be achieved again, but greatness doesn’t simply have to be relegated to their amazing accomplishments.

Allah (swt) tells us to strive and struggle in numerous verses throughout the Quran. It is only through this striving that our Ummah can reclaim the greatness that we once had. Also, in the Hadith of Gabriel we are introduced to the concept of Ihsan, or perfection.

…“Now tell me about Ihsan.” He replied: “It means that you should worship Allah (swt) as though you see Him, for He sees you though you do not see Him.”…

Ihsan can reach out to several aspects of one’s life, and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has urged us to seek perfection in all of our daily affairs. Sadly, is seems as if the vast majority of Muslims have completely forgotten about this concept and it is much easier to find examples of greatness from non-Muslims due to their hard work and determination. However, I’ve seen and met Muslims who I believe do exemplify greatness whether it be in their manners, knowledge, generosity, strength, wealth, or several other aspects. This gives me hope that insha’Allah we can reclaim our greatness, but it will only be a product of a lot of deliberate hard work and practice.


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