Worldwide Muslim Survey Challenges Western Beliefs of Islam



WASHINGTON (AFP) – A huge survey of the world’s Muslims released Tuesday challenges Western notions that equate Islam with radicalism and violence.

The survey, conducted by the Gallup polling agency over six years and three continents, seeks to dispel the belief held by some in the West that Islam itself is the driving force of radicalism.

 …”Samuel Harris said in the Washington Times (in 2004): ‘It is time we admitted that we are not at war with terrorism. We are at war with Islam’,”….

…But the study, which Gallup says surveyed a sample equivalent to 90 percent of the world’s Muslims, showed that widespread religiosity “does not translate into widespread support for terrorism,” said Mogadeh, director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies…

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4 responses to “Worldwide Muslim Survey Challenges Western Beliefs of Islam

  1. Sameer


    I think the most important piece of information in this article is this line:

    Meanwhile, radical Muslims gave political, not religious, reasons for condoning the attacks, the poll showed.

    Clearly, this is contrary to the version of Islam that some politicians and media outlets want us to believe.

  2. WannaBeScholar

    That’s a really great point and shows that the concept of any religious justifications are completely fabricated, even from extreme ideologies. Also, it shows that many politicians and media outlets intentionally send out this biased propaganda.

    Although I am curious as to what exactly they considered as a ‘radical’ and what is ‘moderate’.

  3. yeah, I agree, those terms are highly nebulous. either way a great article with some good daleel 🙂

  4. Nursyamsiah

    Assalamualaikum Sameer, Wannabescholar,

    “Although I am curious as to what exactly they considered as a ‘radical’ and what is ‘moderate’”

    One term that always bothers me is Fundamentalist. As a Muslim, we should always strive to return to the fundamental of Islam, so are we consider as Fundamentalists?

    It is interesting that many westerners including Muslims trying to put labels to Muslims like the labels to Christians and Jews. Progressive? Fundamentalist? Orthodox? Moderate? Extreme?

    Then, one question will arise – how should we label Muslims?

    Alhamdulillah, we haven’t heard anything like methodist Muslims (yet). lol. 😉

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