Iron Man, Superhero or Superzero?



First of all, unless your name is Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine, or are a member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you are NOT a superhero. Know your role and stick to it.  You are only embarrassing yourself and will be relegated to the forgotten and laughable likes of Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, or that big rock dude from the Fantastic 4. Forget old school, I don’t even want to start with these fake “superheros” that all the poor kids have to deal with in these new cartoons. Iron Man, you are most definitely a Superzero.

Ok, now what I really wanted to talk about 🙂 I am currently talking a materials science class called Materials that Shaped Civilization and it mentioned the first uses of iron by mankind. The first iron implements used by man were fabricated out of iron that came from meteorites. Also, the reason why it took so long for the Iron Age to replace the Bronze Age was became of the very high temperatures needed to smelt iron from its ores found on Earth. Much of it was used to make very strong steel swords (steel is iron with maybe 0.2% carbon) in the past, and the entire industrial revolution was based on iron/steel. That may not sound very interesting, but the AMAZING and MIND BLOWING part comes after I read the Quran.

In Surah Al-Hadeed, or the Chapter Iron, Allah (swt) mentions another scientific miracle in the Quran. He (swt) says:

We sent aforetime our apostles with Clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance (of Right and Wrong), that men may stand forth in justice; and We sent down Iron, in which is (material for) mighty war, as well as many benefits for mankind,that God may test who it is that will help, Unseen, Him and His apostles: For God is Full of Strength, Exalted in Might (and able to enforce His Will).  (Quran, 57:25)

Pay special attention to how Allah (swt) mentions iron as being sent down. As my professor mentioned, as well as researchers at NASA, iron was sent down to the Earth because there is nowhere near enough energy in the entire solar system to even produce a single atom of iron.

Another translation of the same ayat states:

…We sent down iron having severe heat…

Which would also explain the very high melting temperature that caused the delay of transition from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age.

Here is a video that also explains the miracle of Iron in the Quran.

Also, in the course I was really pleased how the professor mentioned that after the Muslims took over Constantinople (modern day Istanbul, Turkey) and the Eastern Roman Empire they took great care in preserving the ancient Greek manuscripts, knowledge, and language while the Christians in the Western Roman Empire were burning all of the ‘hethen’ literature. The Christians in the Western Roman Empire completely lost the language and knowledge and only after interactions (albeit very hostile at first) with Muslims during the Crusades did they regain this knowledge and caused the Reniasance to occur. In addition, the Muslim Moors in Spain were masters in designing Toledo Steel to make the strongest swords through their advanced knowledge of the properties of iron.

Although Iron Man may not be an amazing superhero, he has an amazing origin for his metal gear.



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7 responses to “Iron Man, Superhero or Superzero?

  1. whats a germatrical value?

  2. WannaBeScholar

    My bad, gematrical (without the ‘r’). Thanks Br. Spellcheck. Also, I noted that its just a side note and not a stand alone proof by itself.

  3. WannaBeScholar

    Actually, I decided to take that part out. The concept originated from a person that had very wrong beliefs and made extreme claims about the validity of Hadith and specific ayat in the Quran. It’s better not to reference it even though it seems interesting.

  4. Interesting connection. While I find such examples nice, I get sort of bothered by this “science proves Quran” mentality when it is taken to the extreme.

    I read the article below from National Geographic just by chance the other day and found it pretty intereseting.

    Science and Islam in Conflict

    I found this bit quite telling, It’s from Gamal Soltan, a political scientist at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, a Cairo-based think tank:

    “This tendency to use their knowledge of science to ‘prove’ that the religious interpretations of life are correct is really corrupting,” he tells me. Soltan, who got his doctorate at the University of Northern Illinois, works in a small office that’s pungent with tobacco smoke; journals and newspapers lie stacked on his desk and floor. “Their methodology is bad,” he says. Soltan explains that Islamic scientists start with a conclusion (the Koran says the body has 360 joints) and then work toward proving that conclusion. To reach the necessary answer they will, in this instance, count things that some orthopedists might not call a joint. “They’re sure about everything, about how the universe was created, who created it, and they just need to control nature rather than interpret it,” Soltan adds. “But the driving force behind any scientific pursuit is that the truth is still out there.”

    I think it is important to be careful with such a strategy because you can’t claim that the type of science mentioned above is following the scientific method. I’ve seen some Muslims try to show that the Islam and Science (and the scientific method) are completely compatible but fail because of the type of methodology mentioned by Soltan.

    This other point also kind of sums up the issue of science and Islam and some of the trouble western academics have of what they perceive as a sort of cognitive dissonance.

    What about, say, evolutionary biology or Darwinism? I ask. (Evolution is taught in Egyptian schools, although it is banned in Saudi Arabia and Sudan.) “If you are asking if Adam came from a monkey, no,” Badawy (a chemistry professor at Cairo University) responds. “Man did not come from a monkey. If I am religious, if I agree with Islam, then I have to respect all of the ideas of Islam. And one of these ideas is the creation of the human from Adam and Eve. If I am a scientist, I have to believe that.”

    But from the point of view of a scientist, is it not just a story? I ask. He tells me that if I were writing an article saying that Adam and Eve is a big lie, it will not be accepted until I can prove it.

    “Nobody can just write what he thinks without proof. But we have real proof that the story of Adam as the first man is true.”
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    Clcik here!

    “What proof?”

    He looks at me with disbelief: “It’s written in the Koran.”

    Any thoughts?

  5. I agree that there are a lot of issues when we see Muslims over exaggerating the “science proves the Quran” argument. The Quran is not a science textbook, and science textbooks are not books of guidance. However, there is an ultimate wisdom behind why there are without a doubt scientific relationships in the description of creation in the Quran that couldn’t have been explained at the time of its revelation. Different people recieve guidance in ways that their personality best understands. For example, there have been countless men and women of science who were brought to the deen through their discovery of embryology in the Quran (Dr. Keith Moore is a great example), creation of the universe, and several other scientific facts.

    Also, in regards to the article, he makes an interesting point but at the same time there were some mistakes made in it. The Quran doesn’t mention that there are 360 joints in the human body. It was actually a hadith narrated from Aisha (ra). Also, it doesn’t necessarily refer to the literal number of joints and there are which may confuse many Muslims and non-Muslims. Some commentator mention that is actually is referring to the amount of forgiveness that should be asked for in the context of the hadith.

    Overall, I personally don’t think we should go overboard and somewhat agree with the article that we shouldn’t just form a final conclusion and search for evidence to only support that theory. But at the same time we must realize that every letter of the Quran is truth even if we might not completely understand it and shouldn’t dismiss it because some scientists don’t agree.

  6. yeah, i totally agree. thats definitely the best way to approach these things.

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