Watch These Films…Today!



These films are some of the best and most informative I have seen in regards to the truth behind the origins and ongoing motives of the debacle in Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond. Watch them today!


Why We Fight


Full length video:

No End in Sight


Full length video:

Taxi to the Dark Side


Full length video:

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One response to “Watch These Films…Today!

  1. Sameer

    Speaking of No End in Sight, just watched it the other day. Wow, what a mess we’ve made in Iraq. It is shocking to me how aloof and isolated the Bush Administration seems from the rest of the government in dealing with the war. The movie revealed some of the major blunders like not protecting weapon caches, dissolving the military, failure to prevent looting and hiding behind the Green Zone. The worst part is these blunders aren’t the hindsight kind, these were just plain dumb decisions. Most startling of all is how this government spends zillions of dollars but can’t seem to afford armored humvees for its soldiers. It is a shame how hypocritical this entire war is. may peace prevail soon.

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