Brain Control Headset for Gamers


Whoooaaa…..this is crazy. I wonder how this technology can be modified for medicine/surgery, engineering, military, driving/transportation, and so many other aspects of daily life. It can most definitely be used for good, and also abused in bad ways as well.

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One response to “Brain Control Headset for Gamers

  1. Subhanallah, it’s amazing how the technology evolved nowadays. But, it is scary too because with that technology, emotions will directly involve and affect the games and gamers. Just imagine when you play Ultimate Doom and Resident Evil: The Nemesis, you can feel the anger, fear, and satisfaction directly. These emotions will stick in their brains, and the gamers now can feel the ‘satisfaction’ of killing. That is scary! We are creating more and more killing machine and expose our kids to violence (or can I say, teach them violence).

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