Nanotechnology: How Will it Change Our World?

Here is a documentary that is set to come out soon that discusses both the technological potential as well as ethical implications that we are inevitably going to be faced with in the near future. Click on the link below to watch a video about it. The last person to speak in the video is currently my professor here at UVA. She’s arguably the best teacher I’ve had throughout college and is definitely worth listening to. You can watch it on TV and the nationwide timings are listed at the website.

Power of Small: Nanotechnology


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One response to “Nanotechnology: How Will it Change Our World?

  1. Tamim Sookoor

    It was interesting that someone brought up the issue of the planet being finite and unable to support a population that lives to be 150 or older on average. I have seen many documentaries where people believe that they are on the cusp of extending the human lifespan tremendously. Aubrey de Grey, a researcher at Cambridge University attempting to extend the human lifespan, even mentioned living to be a 1000, but no one has brought up the issue of how the planet is going to support it.

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