Morph: Nanotechnology Device

Here is a video of a very cool possible nanotechnology communications device.



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2 responses to “Morph: Nanotechnology Device

  1. wb

    first off dude, you left your failing “communications company,” so….get over it!

    secondly, if we’re throwing cartoons as proof of ‘possibility,’ shoot, I’d like to inform you of a few “very cool technology devices” that may come out in the near future. Please view the following in order to learn more:

    1. The Jetsons Season 1 – from household flight options to automated maid services
    2. RoboCop I-IV – imagine, indefinite resuscitation
    3. Terminator I-III – for those ‘nanotechnology’ fans

    Start with these, and let me know if you need more bro. You can find them at your local Blockbuster Video or even YouTube some examples if need be.

    I hope this will be of assistance in your research of the “next.”

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