Mujahid Abdullah: Point Of No Return



This is a great poem written by one of my best friends that I grew up with. Masha’Allah Mujahid is steppin’ up his game and is becoming a lyrical miracle with his deep reminders and poetic awakenings. 


As I look around… I see oddly shaped figures… which I cannot distinguish, match nor recognize.

These creepy looking silhouettes… blurry and dim… with no color nor appearance, dull and weary on the eyes.

I try to back away in panic… but the frightening images of haunted souls… starts to draw more near.

I try my best to wake up from this horrid dream… but the more I try… the more this nightmare inflicts further hostility and fear.

Frantic and confused… tears of fright and tears of sorrow… start to roll down my cheek.

For I now know, I have reached the point of no return… the grave… and this is the punishment which I seek.

I try to scream, to yell, to shout… but my deafening voice cannot roll off my charred lips.

I try to move, to run, to scamper… but I lie motionless from my head, to my toes, and from my arms to my hips.

I lay paralyzed… in the small dark room… and in my mind there is no doubt.

I heard it from the Imam, heard it from my friends, and even read it in the Quran… I have finally reached the first stage of the hereafter, Al-Mawt.

Immobile… terrified… screaming… while the tears of regret now start to fill the tiny dampened room.

Then when things couldn’t get any worst, a window is opened for me to see my place in hell… to see my fearful doom.

Why me… why here… why now, what did I do to deserve this horrible fate?!

Why me… why here… why now, how did I ever reach this place, which in life I was taught to hate?!

Wasn’t I born Muslim, born into the dean, the dean that leads one away from the fire?!

Didn’t I follow Islam just enough to avoid this ending, didn’t I do enough of what was require?!

Didn’t I do what was right, and forbade what was wrong, and tried to keep the best of friends?!

Didn’t I show enough respect to my parents, always kept a smile on my face, and never strayed to far from where the path bends?!

Where are those that I kept as company? … Where is Curtis, Chris, Maryam and Imran Abdul-Aleem?!

How come there not here with me? …Where is Mark, Raji, Stacey, Felix, and Mumtaz Ali-Mudeen?!

I don’t understand! … This doesn’t make sense! … I believe there must be a mistake!!!

I was a man of character! …Isn’t anyone listening! …I did everything for Allah’s sake!!!


But what of the good deeds which I did, the prayers which I performed, and the fast which I kept?!

At that very moment I heard a screeching sound, which jolted my body… out of bed… for I had overslept. 

Trembling from fear… from this awfully disturbing dream… I place my hands over my face and began to cry.

Is this really my future? … Is this how my life will end? … Is this what’s going to happen to me when I die?

NO!!! There IS still time to change! … I AM still alive! … So I must make the best use, with the rest of my life!

I must strengthen my Iman… through the company of GOOD friends… and Inshallah through a very righteous wife.

I must be honest to myself, and true to the creator, and try to live within a certain mean.

I have to make sure not to miss any prayers, for Salat is the keys to Jannah, and with Salat we can wipe our slates clean.

I beg all of you to stand up with me, and let’s make a promise to ourselves, to make this change TODAY!

Let this call be a new starting point in our lives, let this call reach all of The Children of Adam, all of us who were created from clay!

I beg all of you to never give-up hope, and keep fighting against evil, and all other vices from Shaitan!

As Muslim, we are promised victory in the end, the future holds a new light, the future holds a new dawn.

WE must make sure to always remember Allah… remembering him during times or hardship, and during times of ease.

WE must cup our hands together, face them to the sky, and don’t be shy to ask Allah for anything you please. 

Ask Allah to forgive ALL of our sins, to shower his mercy upon us, and to save us from the Eternal Blaze, where the wicked will burn.

Ask Allah to guide us on the track, grant us patience, so we won’t have any regret in our hearts, once we’ve reached the Point of No Return.


By: Mujahid Abdullah



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2 responses to “Mujahid Abdullah: Point Of No Return

  1. faatih

    I too say Aamin.

    May Allah make all of us better servants of his.

  2. ameen. Yo mu mu did this? masha’Allah, give homeboy some cred 🙂

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