NY Columnist Says Kill ‘Innocent’ Muslims



This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in a looooooong time. Lawrence Kulak, as well as the editors of 5 Towns Jewish Times, need to be a little bit more smart in expressing their bigotry and outright homicidal desires in public. Below is what he wrote and has obviously been removed from their website after somebody with a shred of intelligence realized that it might not seem very heart warming towards others who actually care about innocent human lives. I had to read it again because at first I didn’t believe that he did not even mention that he wanted to kill terrorists, but INNOCENT Muslims instead. This guy should be in a phyciatric ward, or really anywhere he can’t incite other people to violence. This is a clear and obvious case of somebody using the current terrible situations of terrorism as a scapegoat to express his preexisting hatred and sick thoughts. 


Lawrence Kulak, 5 Towns Jewish Times, 12/11/08

“Moreover, the only way to deal with Islamic terrorists is the same way in which they deal with their victims. Muslims believe in the literal interpretation of the Biblical doctrine of an eye for an eye, and they do not have respect for anything perceived as a lesser standard of justice. They killed our innocents, and unless we kill theirs, they will go on killing ours. The Torah, however, preaches a doctrine which, if implemented by the West, could finally put an end to all Islamic terror: If somebody is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first.”



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5 responses to “NY Columnist Says Kill ‘Innocent’ Muslims

  1. the dude

    They removed the text from the site, but it’s still in the PDF version of the newspaper that you can download.

    Apparently Kulak is a nutcase. See the following judicial opinion, in which he tries to appeal a judgement against him when he sued for being involuntarily institutionalized:


  2. Robin

    You are dealing with a mentally ill person.

    In NO way am I defending him, just wanting you to know what you are up against.

  3. Lawrence Kulak

    the definition of a liberal is somebody who is magnanamous only when the other guy gets killed. The Talmud says that there are four things that G-d regrets creating. One of them is the evil incliniation and one of them is Yishmael or the Arab Muslims. People like Robin who probably spend a good deal of their time looking at ceilings probably wouldn’t know this.

  4. A mentally ill person with a LICENSE TO PROPAGATE TERRORISM in a position on a newspaper that is not local but international with a web presence. He’s past dangerous!

    The entire article is disgusting. I found it here:

  5. Lawrence Kulak

    Mental illness is much less dangerous than the mentality of Jihadism. Liberals cannot understand this because they bond too well with evil.

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