Hal tatakallam al-lugha al-Arabiya?



Alhumdulillah I started taking Arabic classes recently with Foundation for Knowledge and Development. A friend of mine who has been taking classes with them for about a year recommended it, so I decided to try it out myself. Masha’Allah so far I really like their style of teaching, and especially the flexibility with my schedule. There are three options: live on site classes in NY, live video conferences from local masajid that offer them, or taking them through the database of previously recorded classes. I signed up for online classes that I can take whenever I can fit it into my busy schedule. I would recommend it to anyone else who has been putting off learning Arabic due to time/location constraints. My friend told me that after the first year of 200 level classes he went from only being able to read Arabic without understanding practically anything to picking up a Quran and being able to understand ~65%-70%. After two years insha’Allah you should be fluent in speaking and comprehension. I honestly believe that if you are truly sincere in learning the language of the Quran and classical works of Islam, Allah (swt) will open the doors of knowledge for you regardless if you are able to travel around the world or if you can only remain in your home. I highly recommend anyone who is yearning to be able to read, write, speak, or even dream in Arabic to check out the program.



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3 responses to “Hal tatakallam al-lugha al-Arabiya?

  1. Can you kindly add a link to my blog on your blog?

    Jazak Allah!

  2. No problem, I just added it.

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