Gaza: Politicians Speaking the Truth



I find it sad how many times Muslims depend so desperately on non-Muslims to solve all of the problems that affect us, many of which we created ourselves or could have avoided (which includes the recent genocide in Gaza). However, I do greatly appreciate honesty and a willingness to speak the truth by anyone. There are some individual politicians that have supported the Palestinian victims, albeit only after a much publicized mass murder of innocent civilians. Nonetheless, I saw a few videos that I liked and hopefully people will not forget about the struggling Palestinians simply because the nazi-like oppressors decided by absolute complete coincidence that they achieved their war mongering goals the day that Bush left office and lost his grip of power.


UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza



Buchanan Accuses Israel of ‘Blitzkrieg,’ Creating ‘Concentration Camp’


Congressman Ron Paul Fiercely Against House Support for Israel Attack on Gaza


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