Rafael Nadal

I’m not going to start a trend of sports related posts, but I also got to give props to my boy Rafa who is my favorite, and in my opinion the best all around athlete, currently playing anywhere on the planet (Hakeem and Ali are of course my favorites of all time though). Tennis has moved up to my #1 favorite sport to play and watch so I had to share highlights from the greates tennis match ever played in the history of the sport, and quite possibly one of the best of all sports, with one of the best rivalries featuring Nadal vs Federer. I think Nadal will ultimately break Pistol Pete’s record of 14 Grand Slams, and would surpass Federer even if he does pass it himself first. 




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2 responses to “Rafael Nadal

  1. zfnd

    It’s all about Federer, the guy’s success is astounding. 😛

  2. Bilal

    Man I haven’t played tennis since summer! Gotta get back into it Insha Allah.

    Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro1E_K596KA&feature=related

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