Busta Rhymes apologizes for Arab Money song after Iraqi Rapper, Narcicyst, responds

From MR and in reference to a previous blog 

An Iraqi rapper from Canada responded to Busta Rhyme’s Arab Money song with “The Real Arab Money“.  After he released it, Busta Rhymes called him personally and apologized for the misunderstanding with his intention regarding the Qur’anic verses in the remix.  It’s amazing how Busta reached out to a Muslim rapper who isn’t that popular or widely known but yet he was noticed by Busta who is extremely well known in the hip hop world.  I am actually happy that we have some Muslims in the Hip Hop world that still have love for this deen and are able to defend it.


I pray that Busta still reads my open letter to him and that he seeks Islamic knowledge.  I also pray that bro. “Narcicyst” also told him to seek knowledge and learn this deen, inshaAllah.

In the UK, the song is banned and an award-winning DJ was suspended when he played he song.  The Muslims in UK did a good job since many of them are listeners to the radio stations.

Another interesting note to all of this is that we all know that the majority of hip hop is clearly haram (without any difference of opinion) but yet many Muslims listen to it and participate in it.  It is these same Muslims such as the rapper, “Narcicyst” and the radio listeners in the UK who complained when they heard the song and brought real change.  This just shows that even those who may not be doing what is right may be promoting what is right.

Allah does as He wills and as He pleases.


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