Sh Muhammad Al-Shareef: Time Management Implementation

Regardless of what people say, there is a lot of khair in the ummah today (I just realized that rhymed after I typed it 🙂 ). But still, we all know it. Muslims are lazy, waste time, and make too many excuses for our own failures. I just listened to a webinar by Sh Muhammad Al-Shareef about mastering your time. It’s a preview of the Time Traveler seminar he has online. I’ll be completely honest and straight up here. I’ve had reservations and was hesitant about Discover U in the past. It was probably unfair of me to judge it like that without ever taking any of the seminars, but I decided to listen to this webcast b/c it is a topic that I really feel is at the crux of a lot of problems we as a community, as well as individuals (including me of course), are faced with. Masha’Allah it was very beneficial. However,  what you know is very seldom what you practice so unless this practical and useful advice is put into action it won’t help anyone by just listening to the lecture. I’m not trying to be a cheerleader for Discover U, but masha’Allah I think Sh Muhammad definitely has a lot of wisdom and understands how we can improve ourselves and reach our goals in a realistic manner. Below are some basic notes I took while listening. 

Every great Muslim leader was a master of time

10 Time Tips
1. Aim higher EVERY DAY. Better than day before. Start day with intention to make day best of your life. Push self.
2. Get things off of mind immediately, so you can use it for other important things. Mind is prime real estate. Only leave room for best knowledge in brain. Other things write down and get off of mind right away. 
3. Write things down in places where you will come across it again. 
4. Praying fajr in masjid every single day. Create habit of staying awake after fajr everyday. Baraqa after fajr time during morning. 
5. Oxygenate blood in morning. Ex: Deep breath, cardio exercise, recited Quran after fajr. 
6. Choose when next break will be and write it down. That way focus on work only during work time, and focus on break only during break time. 
7. Delete distractions. Ex: TV, minimize internet (choose times during day when no internet allowed)
8. Never multi task. Only focus at what is at hand. Pay full attention to people you are talking to. Don’t check phone/email while talking to them. Finish work first if you have to, then talk to them with complete focus (Sunnah and adhab of a Muslim). 
9. Start on the right foot. Start day with most important things so day goes right. Don’t check random emails/chat. 
10. Get a mentor/life coach for accountability. Must be someone you respect, “fear” or feel embarrassed to tell you didn’t accomplish tasks, and must be knowledgable enough to ask you the right questions. 

The feet of each slave of Allah (swt) will not move on the day of judgement until four questions will be asked: 

1. How did you spend your life?
2. How did you spend your youth?
3. What did you do with your knowledge?
4. How did you make your wealth and how did you spend it? 

Time should be the most precious thing to you in your life. 


A scholar (didn’t catch the name) said that every night you should hit your bed so exhausted from the work you did that day that once your head touches the pillow you fall asleep right away. 

Start with good intention to MASTER time to do more for family, memorized Quran, wealth, etc.

Make dua to MASTER time

People will not get anything except what they strive for.

Perfection or an oustanding life will not happen by accident. Ex: God exists b/c world is perfect. Therefore. a perfect life can’t happen w/o intelligence. 

Average Life: 
Sleeping 30 years
Work 10 years (work should be life mission and something you love)
TV 10 years
Internet 6 years (could be even more now)
Eating 4 years
Standing in line 4 years
Driving 3 years
Bathroom 3 years
Others: Household chores, daydreaming, phone, etc. 

Save years
Make job life mission: gain 10 years
Remove TV: gain 10 years
Wake up for fajr and start day right after: 10 years

1. Clean brain out of junk
2. Focus on what is important/best, and delete things that are even just good and obviously bad
3. Big dreams require delegation. Must use teamwork and deal with other people. 
4. Can’t get anywhere unless know where you are going. 

5. Excellence and ihsan is never an accident. Must have plan and intention. 
Get out of comfort zone. Become slightly uncomfortable. 

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