Real Love?

If an individual loves someone, there is a general tendency to follow suit in loving many of the things in life which the beloved cherishes. I’m beginning to read Tariq Ramadan’s book, In the Footsteps of the Prophet, and after reading about the children of the Prophet (saw) I began to wonder how many of us who claim to love the Prophet (saw) truly love the children which he so dearly loved. All of us would be able to recall vivid details about our friends’ and relatives’ children, but if a simple litmus test that consisted of the absolute most basic questions of how many children the Prophet (saw) had, what their names were, and what order they were born in was put into place, I wonder how many of us would pass. Then I ask myself again if we truly do love the Beloved of Allah (saw)….


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2 responses to “Real Love?

  1. Claus-Peter Ganssauge

    Is it possible to love anybody whom one never has seen before?
    Yes, thanks the internet one can get aquainted with a man or a woman over huge distance, chat with him or her and build up first sympathy and lateron real love.
    The booklet “Love story between Texas and anywhere” by S.R. Okulom tells from a wonderful love with tragic end. (Publisher: Eloquent Books, Durham CT.)

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. I definitely agree that you can form deep love without actually seeing the one you love with your own eyes. I think this can similarly apply to the love that a person has towards God, as well as other individuals as you mentioned. As for God, we have never seen him but are aware of His signs all around us in nature, and the mercy/blessings that He has showered on us. Strong love can also form with people as you mentioned, whether they be of the present time or past generations.

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