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This is Umm Hafsah. I hope you are doing well. It is my immense pleasure to announce that one of the most eminent scholars of Pakistan has agreed to teach us. Imam Dhahabee rahimahullah used to state that if there is an Aaalim on the top of a mountain then the seeker of knowledge should climb it to benefit from him. Today we do not have to climb a mountain to learn and benefit rather it is just a click away. 
We will be having Classes on Kitaab at-Tauheed 
The Course is FREE and it is indeed an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the top scholars of our times from the Indo-Pak Continent. 
Those who register for this course will be able to attend an examination at the end and upon passing will receive certification. 
Course Instructor:
Sheikh ul- Hadeeth Abdullah Naasir Rahmaani. The Eminent scholar of Pakistan has kindly agreed to teach us the classical book Kitaab at-Tauheed. He is a Scholar of Hadeeth in his own right and student of the esteemed Muhaddith of Sindh Badee ud-Deen ash-shah Raashidee rahimahullah. Sheikh has memorized Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Ibn Maajah, Sunan an-Nasaai, Jami’e Tirmidhee, Mujamul Kabeer, al-Mujamus-Sagheer, al-Mujamul-Ausat of Al-Hafiz Suleman bin Ahmad At-Tabarani and Musnad Ahmed.

PLEASE NOTE: The course instruction will be in URDU language. Those who register for the course and do not know how to read and write urdu they will take the examination in english/transliteration.

TO REGISTER NOW: please click here [and complete the form in the bottom if you wish to sit for the examination]

It is an honor to learn from a sheikh of such calibre who has preserved the words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sal-lal-laahu alayhi wasal-lam in his heart.

Course Timings: 

The course will be conducted Last Wednesday of Every Month.

Starting April 28th, 2010

Time: 11:00 PM Pakistan Time [Please convert the timing to your time zone]

How to Attend the class


Everyone is welcome to attend these sessions.

There are many ways you can join us LIVE.

One: Dial-in (712) 775-7100

Enter Participant Access code: 123404#

Two: Broadcasted LIVE on Paltalk (click to download). Please note MAC users cannot listen-in via paltalk as the software is not compatible so you can use the other methods to join in.

Login to Paltalk by creating a FREE Username and clicking on All Rooms option on the top right.

Click on Asia/Pacific category and choose Pakistan

Then find the room titled “knowing Allahs Deen”

Please add Darulehsaan-com as your buddy on pal-list


Listen in LIVE by just visiting our website

Click on the tab that says Live Dars and the lecture will start playing automatically.

Please forward the flyer as well as information to ALL URDU Speaking Community so that everyone may benefit inshaAllah.


  Those who register will be able to enter the Successful Beginning Help Center rooms.  The special access will be given to all the registered students. 

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